Sound Projects X-tender_PERSPECTIVE.png

The SOUND PROJECTS X-tender is an unsurpassed light weght and low profile self-powered

loudspeaker system.  The rounded, sleek cabinet design easily merges into any stage set up.

A near perfect balance between frequency and power response allows a very high gain before feedback. A very efficient 15-inch low frequency dirver effectively loads a 3-inch diaphragm compression driver. the custom coaxial transducer configuration is carefuly tuned to a 80 point source to effectively dampen potentially harmful peaks.

In monitoring situations the X-tenders performs with a smooth tonal response providing exceptional immunity to feedback. the smooth off-axis roll-off presents a comfortable and predictable sweet-spot for the performer. A convenient feature for vocalists, the monitor mixer and stage crew. the X-tender can be used in two specific floor monitor working angles, relative to the floor a 30 angle for short throw and 60 angle on deeper stages.

The intergrated signlehand carry handle and its low weight of 19kgs (less than 40lbs) make the

X-tender a pleasure to move around. Even carrying two floors at a time is no problem, saving time and man power. the bracket (optional) extends the versatile use of the X-tender. with the included polemount it easily turns the X-tender into a fullrange F.O.H system. and without the polemount the bracket facilitates to rig the X-tender undermeath a truss or (balcony) ceiling.

Technical spec data





Acoustical specifications:


- Drivers: 1 x 1.4”, 1 x 15" high power,

  Low weight, neodymium design

- Freq. response: 50Hz-20kHz

- Max. peak SPL @1m: 132dB c.f. 2 (6 dB)

- Coverage angle: 80 spherical, soft roll-off


Electrical specifications:


- Amplifier(s): CCD™ technology

- Output: 1200W sine (DALC limited)

- Crossover: 1.3 kHz, 4th order

- Filter subsonic: 50Hz, 2nd order

- Input impedance: 20 kOhms balanced, 10 kOhms unbalanced

- Output impedance: hard-wired to input

- Power consumption.

- Mains voltage: 230V (other on request)

- Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz

- Idle: < 50VA

- Full load: 1400 VA. DALC limited Ref.

  to continuous pink noise signal

  (6 dB crest factor within the specified range)

- Protection

- D.A.L.C. (Dual AudioLogic Control)

- Protection threshold: +4dBU

- Transient (soft power-up)

- DC-voltage short-circuit

- LED indication: power-on/signal/protect



Additional descriptive data:


- Comfortable single-hand carrying handle

- Cabinet construction: cross grain laminated multiplex

- Finish: Nano-armor™ coating

- Weight: 18 kg

- Size WxHxD (mm): 450x320x540

- Rigging points: Fixing points M8 for flying bracket / pole mount   (optional)

- Audio connectors: IEC XLR-3 in/out

- Main connectors: powercon in, powercon out

- Max. operating temp.: -10 to 40 C ambient