The sound reinforcement system shall hold two 1.4” HF drivers, each on a horn with a horizontal dispersion of 90 degrees and a vertical dispersion of 2.5 degrees, four low-weight neodymium 6.5” drivers and two low-weight neodymium 12-inch drivers. The maximum peak output of the total system shall be 144dB at 1m.


The syste¬m shall have a 60Hz-20kHz frequency range. The system shall have a 90 degrees horizontal and 6 degrees vertical coverage angle.

The cabinet shall be constructed of carbon-fiber composite, covered by a protective polyurethane coating.

The total system weight shall be 40kg only.


The system shall be a 3-way / 4-channel driven module within an array of sound reinforcement systems.

The system shall have a software prediction tool to determine the angles between adjacent cabinets and the settings for the processing unit.

Technical spec data

Mast sections


This structure is made out of six reinforced square sections of 400 mm x 400 mm truss (1’3.75″ x 1’3.75″) – Ø 50 tubes x 4 mm thick (1’7.68″ x 0.16″): two 1m sections, two 2m sections and two 3m sections. 

GUIL truss is manufactured from extruded aluminium tube (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6 according to the safety norm UNE-EN573), are TIG welded (continuous cord) and have a special polished finish for maximum durability and an unbeatable appearance. All sections have a double ladder design ad are fitted with inner braces to reinforce them against bending and deformations. The different sections are joined together by the UTR-05 coupling system, which guarantees maximum safety and strength allowing a fast and easy set-up. 

Note: Due to its modular design, these towers can be assembled with different truss configurations. Contact our technical department for further information.

Sleeve Block

These towers are equipped with a three-sided sleeve block made of aluminium (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6) with sixteen reinforced rollers, to ensure it slides up and down the tower smoothly. It is designed to be used with TS520 Supertruss series. Please contact our technical department if you want to use another kind of truss.

Base section


Heavy duty base of 726 x 726 mm (2’4.58″ x 2’4.58″) manufactured in aluminium (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6) and fitted with four heavy duty swivel castors with steel core (Ø 100 mm / 3.94″ ), for easy handling and manoeuvrability. Base is equipped with four detachable outriggers with telescopic design, and provided with four reinforced levellers for a perfect adjustment to all surfaces.