Microphones have been around for over a hundred years, and there are a handful of manufacturers that live on through the decades. Pearl Mikrofonlaboratorium AB is one of these companies. Founded in Stockholm in 1941 by Rune Rosander, Pearl celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

"We're proving Rune Rosander right in continuing our proud tradition of using rectangular membranes in our microphones", says Bernt Malmqvist, Pearl's current owner. Mr Rosander developed this idea in the sixties. "Our capsule has been refined and updated over the years, and many customers consider it the best condenser capsule around. It sure is our distinctive feature".

The figure-of-eight sister in the extremely useful 22 family Rectangular capsule microphone with a small footprint. Flat frequency response, figure-of-eight characteristics and useful in an MS Stereo setup.

The cardioid sister in the extremely useful 22 family

he omni sister in the extremely useful 22 family

This model meets very specific recording demands

Our 72 mm long membrane in a figure-of-eight configuration

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