Pearl MS 8CL

MS stereo made safe and easy

The Pearl MS 8CL has been designed especially for TV, video and film production. It contains one cardioid capsule facing forward and two capsules pointing sideways. These signals — the mid (M) and side (S) — will produce true MS stereo, a method considered to be the best sounding, most useful and mono compatible of all stereo miking techniques.

The MS 8CL outputs the M and S signals separately, so the engineer can fine tune the sound at any stage during production, from super mono to any degree of MS stereo.

These microphones are very light, something every mic boom operator will appreciate. They are rugged and will survive most of the mic-unfriendly conditions you'll meet at a shooting session. Both models are finished with a durable black powder coat paint. An LED indicates that phantom power is on.

Technical spec data

Package includes

  • Wooden box

  • Microphone shockmount 1930

  • Individual frequency graph

Frequency response



Polar pattern


Frequency response


Operating Voltage

Rec. load imp

Current consumption

Self noise






Cardioid (Mid) plus figure of eight (Side)


40Hz - 20kHz

500 ohms

30-48 volts

1k ohms

1.6 mA

18 dBA

130 dB

5-pin XLR

185 x ø28 mm

160 g