네덜란드 하이엔드 사운드 하이파이 모니터 스피커 브랜드 Dutch&Dutch 8C는

정확한 사운드 표현 공간에 대한 소리를 적용하여 최고의 사운드를 들을 수 있습니다.

Completely accurate music reproduction requires more than a thoroughly optimized speaker. It requires a speaker that works together with the acoustics of the listening room.

The 8c is more than just a loudspeaker. It is a unique acoustic concept, because its revolutionary design provides constant directivity from 100 Hz upwards. As a result, the 8c is above and beyond any other system in terms of neutrality, precision, and in-room tonal balance.


The 8c represents our commitment to accuracy and clarity. With its constant directivity from 100Hz upwards and +/-0.5dB frequency response from 35Hz upwards, music can now be experienced exactly as it was intended. Nothing is added, nothing left out.

Experience the sensation of truly accurate music reproduction, hear truth in audio like never before.


Tune the system to the room, not the room to the system. 8c’s adapt to the room they are in and can be placed (very) close to room boundaries without losing performance.

To achieve this, 8c’s combine a proprietary waveguide tweeter with an acoustic cardioid midrange, boundary-coupled bass drivers and active room matching. The result: superb acoustical reproduction in any room,.


Besides drivers, the 8c’s small footprint presence holds high-end DACs, amps, subwoofers and a DSP. The system also comes with room matching and streaming capabilities out-of-the-box.

All components match each other perfectly and together deliver a “big sound” at 106 dB continuously from 35 Hz upwards, while keeping the signal-to-noise ratio very high.

Technical spec data

COMPONENTS                                       LF: 8″ HIGH EXCURSION SUBWOOFER (2X)

                                                                      MF: 8″ MID-RANGE DRIVER

                                                                      HF: 1″ ALLOY DOME TWEETER


ENCLOSURE TYPE                              LF: SEALED

                                                                      MF: PASSIVE CARDIOID

FREQUENCY RESPONSE                  30 HZ – 20 KHZ ± 1 DB

AMPLIFIER POWER                             LF: 500 W

                                                                      MF: 250 W

                                                                      HF: 250 W

DIMENSIONS (H X W X D)                 485 X 270 X 380 MM