Modular Scaffold specially developed for lifting sound systems with a maximum weight of 800kg up to 8m high

AMD scaffold towers with square base (2000 x 2000mm) are manufactured with extruded aluminium (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6 according to UNE-EN573) to guarantee maximum strength and durability.
Thanks to the materials used to make the scaffold, it is light-weight, and this feature, together with its reduced volume when unassembled makes it the perfect complement for touring.

AMD Scaffold tower systems can be made up of different modular components to meet your requirements; you can order the frames, ladders, braces etc. as needed. It can be assembled with all its ladder modules or just some of them, this way it can be used indoors where less height is needed.

Technical spec data

Modular sections

GUIL’s modular scaffolds are quick and easy to assemble. They are made out of eight reinforced square frames, 2000mm high x 2000mm deep (tube: Ø 50 x 2.5mm), with a special double ladder system which offers easy access to any part of the scaffold.

These sturdy frames are manufactured with reinforced terminals of 60 x 50 x 4 mm for extra strength and rigidity.

AMD Scaffolds have a quick, easy and reliable set up system that offers great strength and stability to the entire structure. The modular frames are joined with conical male/female couplers with spigots and safety R-springs which allows them to be firmly attached, reducing assembly time without compromising on safety

In order to strengthen these sections, AMD Scaffolds are provided with sixteen aluminium cross braces (Ø 50 x 2.5mm), with ABZ-01 claw clamp endings to facilitate the scaffold’s assembly in a quick and easy way. Eight diagonal braces: 2615mm long / Eight horizontal braces: 2025mm long.

Top section

The top part of the scaffolds are provided with one aluminium stacking truss of 2000 x 500 x 500mm (Ø 50 x 2.5mm), which is connected to the scaffold with sturdy adaptors that guarantee a reliable and secure attachment. AMD Scaffolds are supplied with two 100% polyester slings to attach the lifting system (Ref. ESL-03: 2000mm long / certified maximum weight: 1000kg).

Base section

It includes two easy attach, rectangular aluminium profiles Ref. BR-01/AMD (2030 x 100 x 50mm), which have two functions:
1. They reinforce the base giving greater safety and stability to the whole structure.
2. It can be used to place the base system on.

The base section is provided with four nylon swivel castors, (Ø 200mm) Ref. RDA-14, which are capable of bearing a maximum loading weight of 1000kg. These castors have leveller screw jacks (which can be adjusted up to 500mm) to adapt the height of each of them to any surface. They are provided with safety brakes, which lock the scaffold in the right position and stop it from moving. 

Note: These castors can be substituted for leveller plates Ref.PL-01/AMD.

Maximum safety

AMD Scaffolds comply with current safety standards: BGV C1, 2006/42/EC, DIN 56921-11, DIN 4113-2 which guarantees maximum safety and durability, complying with the light-weight, sturdiness and manoeuvrability requirements needed to safely lift line array systems.

Note: For outdoor assemblies, the tower must be secured with slings, wires, ropes etc. to prevent movement and guarantee maximum stability.

Optional accessories

  • Chain hoist Ref. POLI/4 to lift the line array system (6m double load chain and 6m hand chain) certified for a maximum lifting capacity of 2,000kg (CE).

  • Set of two Aluminium stabiliser braces (Ø 50 x 2.5mm) provided with ABZ-02 aluminium couplers, for a quick scaffold attachment and non-slip foot plates to ensure a perfect PA scaffold tower adjustment to any surface (Ref. EST-448). 

  • Rectangular aluminium profiles with quick fix endings, Ref. BR-01/AMD (2030 x 100 x 50mm).